YMMV: Wrong Turn

  • Cliché Storm: The first one rigorously follows cliches. This is averted in the sequels, which often slaughter the cast indiscriminately (often randomly killing the "obvious" leads early on)
  • Damsel Scrappy:
    • Carly! She spends a majority of the first film screaming "I CAN'T!" This is even referenced in the commentary, where she is referred to as "Annoying Girl".
    • Bridget from Bloody Beginnings for several viewers, though not quite to the extent of Carly. Her antics include demanding a vote on whether or not the group saves their friend from the cannibals.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse:
    • Dale Murphy from Dead End. That he's played by Henry Rollins is a big plus.
    • Nina, from the same film, is pretty popular with most fans as well.
    • Angela from Bloodlines is also rounding up quite a fanbase
  • Special Effects Failure:
    • All of the CGI effects in Left for Dead.
    • Clare's decapitation in Bloody Beginnings. Thankfully, the rest of the film averts this.
  • Tearjerker: In Left for Dead when Three-Finger finds his son murdered by a group of escaped convicts. You could tell that not only did they really love each other, they were the only ones who would. The criminals all had the choice to fit in with society but took it for granted for their own selfish reasons. Three-Finger and his son could never have hoped to have the same chances as them.