Headscratchers / Titanic: The Legend Goes On

How did the Dalmatians know what Angelica's locket looked like?
  • When the Dalmatians see the locket in Molly's room, they say that it looks like the one Fritz told them to look for. The problem with that is that Fritz never told them what it looked like. This is all he says:
    Fritz: Oh yes, and while you're on your rounds, keep an eye out for a locket that was lost by a very sweet person who is kind to animals.
    • Fridge Brilliance: If she's kind to animals, then she must pet a lot of animals. Maybe the scents of the animals she's petted got onto the locket.

Why the "Rapping Dog"?
And, no, I don't mean "Why does it even exist in this film?". I know it's a Big Lipped Alligator Moment. What I mean is, why is it so many people focus on that particular scene in terms of historical innacuracy? I mean, the film itself is filled with Anachronism Stew that it boils over. You've got dialogue that nobody would've used in 1912, clothing that nobody would've worn for decades, and so on and so forth. Yet, people always seem to focus on the "Rapping Dog". Is it really that hilariously out-of-place?
  • Probably it's because everything about that sequence is just so out-of-place. The bad dialogue and anachronistic clothing are things that crop up in period pieces. A random, modern music video sequence? Not so much. Plus, the sequence fails all around. As the Nostalgia Critic put it, it would still be weird and out of nowhere even if the movie were set in modern times and the music was appropriate.
    • It's also one of the earliest and most blatantly obvious signs that this movie is, well, completely off tonally speaking.

Why is the opening score backwards in the uncut version?