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Headscratchers: The Professional
  • How did Matilda find a full Marilyn Monroe outfit in Leon's cupboard?
    • Maybe it was one of his girlfriend's outfits?
    • He says he never had a girlfriend after his first one got murdered.
    • He could have kept the wardrobe.
    • Seriously? It´s a white dress with a drawn beautymark, she coulda bought that anywhere out of some reason. Maybe as a disguise?
  • It seems unlikely the NYPD would just accept the deaths of an entire family without some better excuses.
    • Gary Oldman's Stansfield seems pretty high up and well-connected.
      • We never see the results of the NYPD investigation, The time length of the film is probably only a couple of weeks. The two detectives only appear in one scene and seem incredulous at Stansfield's explanation. So it would probably take a while. Can the NYPD even investigate federal units?
  • What are those pills Stansfield takes?
    • Maybe it's one of those types of pills like the guys in the North Hollywood shootout utilized - phenobarbital.
  • How could Stansfield recognize Léon when he was escaping as a SWAT member? Did he ever get a good look at Léon? How did he know it was him?
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