Characters: The Professional

Leone "Léon" Montana

Played by: Jean Reno

A mysterious assassin living alone. He ends up 'adopting' his young next-door neighbor after her family is murdered.

  • Adorkable: Just look at him watching movies and playing with Mathilda.
  • Anti-Hero: He's a decent enough guy. But he still makes a living by killing people.
  • Badass Longcoat: Covering an even more badass rig for his pistols, silencer, spare magazines, grenades and bolt cutters.
  • Book Dumb: He can't even read before he takes in Mathilda.
  • Consummate Professional: Proficient with everything from his bare hands to explosives, doesn't drink alcohol, doesn't leave witnesses or evidence, lives off the grid, doesn't form emotional attachments and, aside from occasional trips to the cinema and tending to his plant, seems to have no life at all outside of professional killing.
  • Cool Shades: Some badass circle shades.


Played by: Natalie Portman

An intelligent and tough young girl who becomes Léon's protégée following the death of her family.

  • Cynicism Catalyst: Mathilda doesn't give a damn about the rest of her family — but the bastards who killed her little brother must die.

Norman Stansfield

Played by: Gary Oldman

A corrupt DEA agent on drugs who slaughters Mathilda's family.