Headscratchers / The Midnight Meat Train

Literature Examples:

Film Examples:

  • The Conductor states that "We protect them and nurture them" in reference to the elders... why do that when you could probably eradicate them instead?
  • And beyond that - why human flesh? Is there suddenly something wrong with beef/pork/chicken or any other type of meat?
  • So at the end, Leon goes to work for the Elders... why, exactly? What part of anything that's happened makes this seem like a good idea?
    • In the original short story, he directly meets the Eldritch Abomination the Elders work for, which drives him insane with a mixture of terror and instinctive drive to worship it. It breaks him so thoroughly that he is incapable of doing anything else. It even ends with his now loving New York when he used to despise it.