[[folder: Raymond is a teleporter?]]
* In VideoGame/ResidentEvilRevelations, how the hell did Raymond get into the emergency communications room? Jill had to go fight Skagdead in another part of the ship to key to that room; yet he's already sitting in there when she arrives.
** Presumably there was another copy of the key.
*** Which would explain the discrepancies in ''VideoGame/ResidentEvil2'': there were copies of every item and two items in the puzzles. After Claire solved them, they reset for Leon.

[[folder: And now, for the revelation of the revelations in ''Resident Evil: Revelations'']]
* So, what was the Revelation exactly? Did we found out anything worthwhile in this game?
** The story of the game is mostly self-contained (with a SequelHook at the very end), but most of the second half of the game consists of the truth coming out about a GambitPileup.

[[folder: Rachel, you're so unique? Who does your Ooze form?]]
* Why was Rachael so much stronger and unique looking for an Ooze?
** RuleOfCool and RuleofScary.

[[folder: On Veltro's return]]
* If Veltro's return was a charade orchestrated by O'Brian, then who were the masked men killed by the Hunters at the Valkoini airport? And where did those Hunters and wolf packs come from?
** Lonsdale hired the masked men. As for the Hunters and wolf packs, they might have come from Tricell...
*** But Lonsdale didn't have anything to do with the alleged Veltro takeover of the airport by the masked men, it was orchestrated by O'Brian.

[[folder: The purpose of the Terragrigia attack]]
* Okay, so unleashing bioweapons on Terragrigia turned out to be a false flag operation meant to give the world a wake-up call about how serious the threat of such weapons is. My question is, what could they hope to achieve that the Raccoon City outbreak already did not? Everyone seems to know what went on there and the city was nuked to help contain it!