[[folder: Raymond is a teleporter?]]
* In VideoGame/ResidentEvilRevelations, how the hell did Raymond get into the emergency communications room? Jill had to go fight Skagdead in another part of the ship to key to that room; yet he's already sitting in there when she arrives.
** Presumably there was another copy of the key.
*** Which would explain the discrepancies in ''VideoGame/ResidentEvil2'': there were copies of every item and two items in the puzzles. After Claire solved them, they reset for Leon.

[[folder: And now, for the revelation of the revelations in ''Resident Evil: Revelations'']]
* So, what was the Revelation exactly? Did we found out anything worthwhile in this game?
** The story of the game is mostly self-contained (with a SequelHook at the very end), but most of the second half of the game consists of the truth coming out about a GambitPileup.

[[folder: Rachel, you're so unique? Who does your Ooze form?]]
* Why was Rachael so much stronger and unique looking for an Ooze?
** RuleOfCool and RuleofScary.

[[folder: On Veltro's return]]
* If Veltro's return was a charade orchestrated by O'Brian, then who were the masked men killed by the Hunters at the Valkoini airport? And where did those Hunters and wolf packs come from?
** Lonsdale hired the masked men. As for the Hunters and wolf packs, they might have come from Tricell...
*** But Lonsdale didn't have anything to do with the alleged Veltro takeover of the airport by the masked men, it was orchestrated by O'Brian.