Headscratchers / Persons Unknown

  • Plot Holes and Fridge Logic start cropping up increasingly as the series goes on. Most egregious is The Reveal at the end of episode 12. First off, when did the group communicate their plans in such great detail? Second, when did every one of them get good at staging fights perfectly? Third, didn't whoever put their bodies in the body bags notice that there was no blood and no signs of injury of any kind, especially with Erika (whose head would've been smashed in)? Fourth, wouldn't the employees of the Nebulous Evil Organization have at least checked the group's pulses at some point to make sure they were dead? Fifth, why was only one guy, who didn't appear to even be in radio contact, left in charge of transporting their bodies, especially since they hadn't ensured that the group was dead? Fifth, is it just me, or would it be almost impossible to be fooled by Graham's "death"? It looked so fake the first time I watched it, I chalked it up to bad stunt work. It seems like the powerful, omnipresent organization has only two modes: impossible feats (bringing the dead back to life) and stunning incompetence.
    • They worked out the plan while they were in that tiny camera blind spot. It's the only part that actually makes sense.
    • You can't cheat in madame director's game. Probably "fake your deaths to escape village" is a perfectly acceptable course of action in her eyes. I think it was deliberate and was rewarded by a brief moment of freedom before going to "level two". I even think taking a third option and refusing to follow orders is the best answer in their eyes.