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Headscratchers: Paw Dugan
  • Paw made an f-up in his Snoopy Comes Home review bigger than many of The Nostalgia Critic's f-ups (the only bigger ones I can think of right now are "9x3=21" and the Autism joke), but no one on his forum pointed it out. He said that The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh is not a Disney movie. Did the fans want to act polite, or do they have a strong obliviousness of Paw's flaws? I'm not asking this on his forum because I don't want to offend anyone there.
    • Maybe nobody noticed? Or they don't see the point in nitpicking over Winnie The Pooh?
  • From Paw's Top 9 movie songs, wouldn't being (unintentionally) hilarious count as a redeeming quality for the The Wicker Man remake?
    • Some people might just not consider So Bad, It's Good as a redeeming quality as it doesn't change just how badly the people involved failed at making the movie.
  • How come Paw skipped some songs in the last few reviews of his I watched?
  • Why hasn't there been official word on the final episode of the King's Quest Retrospective, i.e. the "Legacy" video? I understand that Paw has done Let's Plays of most of the fan remakes, but if they are supposed to take the place of formal Retrospective episodes, couldn't he just release a short video to explain that?

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