Headscratchers / Paw Dugan

  • Paw made an f-up in his Snoopy Comes Home review bigger than many of The Nostalgia Critic's f-ups (the only bigger ones I can think of right now are "9x3=21" and the Autism joke), but no one on his forum pointed it out. He said that The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh is not a Disney movie. Did the fans want to act polite, or do they have a strong obliviousness of Paw's flaws? I'm not asking this on his forum because I don't want to offend anyone there.
    • Maybe nobody noticed? Or they don't see the point in nitpicking over Winnie The Pooh?
  • From Paw's Top 9 movie songs, wouldn't being (unintentionally) hilarious count as a redeeming quality for the The Wicker Man remake?
    • Some people might just not consider So Bad, It's Good as a redeeming quality as it doesn't change just how badly the people involved failed at making the movie.
  • How come Paw skipped some songs in the last few reviews of his I watched?
  • Why hasn't there been official word on the final episode of the King's Quest Retrospective, i.e. the "Legacy" video? I understand that Paw has done Let's Plays of most of the fan remakes, but if they are supposed to take the place of formal Retrospective episodes, couldn't he just release a short video to explain that?
    • In the second part of the Owl's Quest Let's Play (posted in October 2011) he claims that he's gathering footage for the King's Quest Special covering fan remakes. This would imply that he still intends to make a formal Legacy video. Perhaps he's waiting for the final episode of The Silver Lining to be released, although he could still release a formal statement to that effect (especially since the most recent episode of that game was released in November 2011).
    • In this video (January 2015) he expresses surprise that people are still asking about it, and promises to look into it. He admits wanting to wait for the final episode of The Silver Lining and more information about the new game by the Odd Gentlemen, but basically he forgot about it.