Trivia / Paw Dugan

  • One of Us: Has admitted on his formspring to checking this very page every couple of days. (And he occasionally demands that people add more tropes.)
  • Romance on the Set: Paul is married to Elisa Hansen (Vampire Reviews) with a young son.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • He planned to do a Side Note to his "Top 9 Underrated Disney Songs" where he would go to Disney shops and ask the people there what was their favorite Disney song and why. It was cancelled due to legal issues.
    • The Music Movies review of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers ends with a teaser for a Cats review, which hasn't come to pass since Paw apparently and quietly ended the series.
    • Not so! He said on Twitter that once things settled down more, he'll try to do more episodes (on a significantly looser schedule, though). Whether or not that means the Cats review will still happen, we may never know.