Headscratchers / No One Lives Forever

  • In "No One Lives Forever 2: A Spy in HARM's way," one mission takes place in HARM headquarters, with a Lava Pit beneath you. You find out, by listening in on conversations, that the lava's not real, or even hot. Why then, does falling into the harmless lava instantly kill you?
    • Not hot enough to broil the air. But it's still at 300 degrees Celsius.
      • Actually, it's around 343 degrees Kelvin, wich corresponds to about 70 degrees Celsius, or 158 degrees Fahrenheit.
      • I thought they said the fake lava was kept at room temperature.
      • The fake lava could be kept around without affecting room temperature.

  • Why isn't this on Steam or anything!? I've been wanting to play this for years!

  • Is Cate some sort of linguist genius? She can understand what the enemies are saying or the documents lying around no matter which country she's in for the mission.
    • Wasn't that her specialty before they let her into the field?
      • Given her seemingly perfect memory for every dossier ever written, I suspect she's a genius, period.