Headscratchers: Monopoly

  • I heard there was a way to play Monopoly with two boards called Mafia Monopoly, but the rules were taken offline. Does anyone know the rules?
  • Are Real Life boardwalk hotels really so expensive that staying in them for one night can bankrupt a person?
    • If you book the entire hotel for yourself, just as you appear to be doing in Monopoly, then likely yes.
  • In relation to the above, would that mean that landing on any owned property forces you to stay there and pay for all the rooms, whether anyone lives in them or not? And how do you make one pay the rent for a street?
    • Though given that you are travelling around the area in an old boot, a top hat or a steam iron, it's hard to get upset at this minor deviation from authenticity.
    • You can't sleep on the street, that's vagrancy, but the house owners won't let you rent out just one house or room, that's Monopoly.
    • For that matter, where are you sleeping when you land on the Luxury\Income Tax spaces? Let alone that you have to go exactly as far as you can (dictated by the dice) instead of deciding to stop early for the "day" to avoid having to stop on a rival's property. Even by game standards, it's pretty abstract.
      • Presumably you fell asleep while in the queue at the tax office.