Headscratchers / Minamoto-kun Monogatari

When chapters are as short as in Minamoto-kun Monogatari, its author can't manage to capture all the necessary details to make the story's flow consistent, no matter how hard she tries. Sometimes, it leads to the reader's confusion.

  • The day the bullying began, Terumi was called into a classroom by Tsukasa. Unsuspecting and actually hoping for something interesting since she was the most beautiful girl in school, Terumi showed up there at the designated time. Good explanation to that one instance. But Tsukasa and her gang tormented him many more times than one. How in the world did they manage to pull that off? What made Terumi go to that classroom every time Tsukasa wanted to have fun with him?
  • Chapter 64 begins with Terumi and Tsukasa sitting at the same table. Outside, two bystanders comment on the place - it's an expensive shop where students don't usually go. So why were Terumi and Tsukasa there?
  • What was the reason for giving the pervert kid and his mother a whole precious page in chapter 89?
    • It was used as a basic transition scene. Kinda like a loading-screen in video-games, or an intermission in theater plays. It was meant to act as a breather between the night build-up, and the moment that Terumi finally has sex with Hanada.
  • Probably the biggest headscratcher is why Kaoruko is so obsessed with her research, she throws away her private life. The research is her only "lover", and she is its tool.
  • Rokujou-sensei has some weird views on what is unacceptable behavior, and what isn't. Punching a guy for harassing her? That's the embarassing side Terumi had witnessed. Not standing up to a bully and doing nothing to stop her? That's what Rokujou likes Terumi for. What's wrong with this woman?