Headscratchers / Mama's Family

  • It is mentioned in a handful of episodes that Raytown has a bus system. So why in "Mama Learns to Drive" didn't she just take the bus to Neidermayer's to pick up her hat, rather than talking about not being able to get there because none of the family wants to give her a ride? I understand that it was probably for plot reasons ("Shoot, I can't get to the store cause I ain't got a driver's license. Guess I gotta learn since no one will give me a ride...") but still, she could have taken the bus!
    • Maybe she used up all of her money reserving that ridiculous hat.
    • If the bus system is anything like it is in my home town, believe me, she's better off.
    • There was an explanation for this in the original network broadcast of the episode, but it was cut in syndication. The episode originally opened with Buzz talking about a bus drivers strike shutting down the bus system.
  • This Troper is an Ohio native, and she doesn't know a single person who speaks the way the characters on this show do. They all sound like they've got a Southern accent by way of Hollywood rather than anything that might be found in Ohio.
    • This second troper thought the show was set in Kansas. Don't know anything about the accepts there.
    • Maybe they live in Southern Ohio. They do share a border with Kentucky and West Virginia.
    • What are you people talking about? It's set in Missouri. Did you even read the article?