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Trivia: Mama's Family
  • Hey, It's That Voice!:
    • Earl Boen, who plays Lloyd Meechum, the Harpers' henpecked minister (and appeared as a clergyman character on other series, including The Golden Girls), should be known to Kim Possible fans as one of the voice actors for Senor Senior Sr., sharing the role with the late Ricardo Montalban.
    • Yeardley Smith, better known as the voice of Lisa Simpson, plays an escaped fellow inmate of Bubba's in "Where There's Smoke".
  • Retroactive Recognition: Vicki Lawrence is the head of a family that includes Captain Parmenter, Rose Nylund, Blanche Devereaux, and of course, Carol Burnett.
    • Skeletor is the mayor of Raytown.
    • Fred Willard plays a crooked used car salesman in "Mama Buys a Car".
    • William Windom, known for playing Dr. Seth Hazlitt on Murder, She Wrote, plays the title character in "Mama's Boyfriend".
    • In "The Sins of the Mother", Iola's younger self is played by a young Nikki Cox.
  • What Could Have Been: When Carol Burnett and her then husband, Joe Hamilton, divorced, her ex got the rights to "The Family" sketch in the terms of the divorce due to the fact that he was the executive producer of The Carol Burnett Show and helped write several of "The Family" sketches. After the success of the "Eunice" special, Carol decided to shop around a TV series focusing on the character Eunice only to find out that NBC had already approached Vicki Lawrence and Hamilton about doing a spin-off focusing on Lawrence's character. Burnett gave the two her blessing and appeared on several episodes, but it makes you wonder how a "Eunice" spin-off would have worked out.

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