* What do Akrid eat normally? You know, before humans came around? We never really see any other type of life-form large enough to support the bigger ones, and there seems to be nearly no plant life at all pre-terraforming.
** The other varieties of Akrid.
*** I always assumed that Thermal Energy gave you all of the nutrients that you need, because when you think about it what do the Humans eat?
* So where are Wayne and Co.? They're gone by the time [=LP2=] starts, and only Ivan Solotov had any relation to the characters at all.
* What's the deal with [[spoiler: kilometres-spanning leviathan only having one heart and being able to be killed by a single drilling platform?]] Especially since when Jim discovered it, he was shown to be able to shut the drill down without deplatforming Rig. Also, [[spoiler: he managed to stay in place for several drill pumps before getting dragged in, and then crawled for, quote, weeks, unquote. With at least one foot torn off.]] Overall, LP 3's ending feels very rushed and not thought-out.
** Particularly because Lost Planet 2 revealed there is already a [[spoiler: giant beast inside the planet that generates enormous amounts of T-ENG known as the Over-G. Adding Nushi just seems unnecessary when OccamsRazor really could have sufficed.]]
*** If they didn't end it like that, with [[spoiler: "killing" Nushi and all]], they could have explained it by [[spoiler: saying that Nushi and Over-G are names for a single creature, just by different people. That Eastern guy is long-dead by the time of LP2, anyway, presumably nobody fancy enough to use names like "Nushi".]] They missed that opportunity though.
* How does the [[CoolTrain Railway Cannon]] make any sense as a threat to any of the factions? It's a giant cannon that's on top of a train. It can only go where the train can go, so if someone comes up with the idea of destroying the train-tracks, the thing is positively useless. It seems like the most impractical weapon ever, because, again, no matter where it's going, it can simply be stopped by getting rid of the train tracks and it won't go anywhere else.
** The carpet baggers aren't the smartest bunch.