Headscratchers / Krypto the Superdog

  • "I'm Tusky Husky. And I can breathe in space."
  • Why the hell is Lex Luthor green in the animated series? Never mind his peculiarly-shaped head, his skin is freaking GREEN.
  • in the episode where Krypto switched places with a fire house dog, he is saved by said fire house dog after being exposed to Kryptonite and one of the firemen comments that Krypto was saved by a "real hero". dose the show suddenly take place in a Marvel Universe where the civilians are total jerkasses who turn on the good guys every other day?
  • Snooky is male? I understand what joke they're going for, and he is a kitten, but still.. Couldn't they make it a bit more obvious?
  • We all know that Kryptonite drains not only Superman and Supergirl's powers, but Krypto's, too, since they're from Krypton, and that Red Kryptonite can do anything depending on an episode's plot, but why does red sunlight weaken Krypto, and how?
    • Red sunlight has always been an established Superman weakness. Superman, Supergirl and Krypto get their powers from Earth's yellow sun which is why Krypton wasn't just an army of Supermen. Essentially, yellow sunlight gives them power whereas red sunlight does nothing to them, so they run out of "juice".
  • Krypto in general. OK, I can almost take Kryptonians looking coincidentally identical to humans, but that the same planet would also have a second species that looks identical to another species on the same planet? That's just, illogical. Seriosly, Human Aliens is hard enough to believe, but Dog Aliens, living on the same planet as them?
    • Dogs Aliens? You ain't seen nothing yet!
      • Comet (the horse in the picture) isn't from Krypton. He was a centaur magically turned into a horse.
      • And Beppo the Super-Monkey?
    • Believe it or not, dogs did not evolve naturally. They were the result of interaction between early humans and wolves growing closer together. So maybe Krypton had some kind of wolf-like species.
  • Why is Krypto named Krypto? Wouldn't that be like naming a dog from Earth "Eartho"?
    • Or would it be more like naming an earth dog "Eart" or "Ear", depending on whether you just remove the last letter or the last phonic pair?
    • For all we know, maybe there is a dog somewhere with that name.
  • So the Dog Star Patrol's spaceship and base of operations is made to look like a giant fire hydrant. Umm...isn't that like if the Justice League made their Watchtower look like a giant toilet? Yeah, I went there.
    • Well, dogs also use fire hydrants and trees to deliver messages to other dogs. Maybe they view it as like a giant mailbox.
      • Lets just call that p-mail.