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Headscratchers: Kämpfer
  • About the bracelets and alternate personas created therefrom, is there anything in the manga/light novels that specifies on what happens to them when the war ends? The anime stopped at a point which the war was far from over, and with no after-endgame notes for that. Also, there's the matter of the activity of the dolls and the powers bestowed and a lot of other things, like the durability of the bracelet and the possibilities of it breaking in mode-lock. Is there anything in the material to shine some light on any of this?
    • It's not exactly their "alternate personae", but rather what they are inside. Natsuru's case is pretty weird because his gender has to change, but all of them could be like their transformed versions if they wanted. Case in point, Akane has problems with her shyness and lack of courage, therefore her transformed version is not shy at all, and using rough language to show that she has the courage to do it; Natsuru's other self is pretty much the same as him; Shizuku is collected all the time naturally, so her other self did not change much; Mikoto also didn't change, other than her appearance.
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