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Headscratchers: Johnny Test
Johnny Test

  • With all the amazing things the twins have created, why haven't they even tried to cure cancer, end world hunger, or solve any major problem that wasn't caused by Johnny, some super villain, or themselves? They seem to have some level of maturity but all they ever invent are gimmicky body changing machines.
    • They have, at least once. They got bribed into postponing it by the prospect of a shirtless Gil.
    • This is pretty much Reed Richards Is Useless in full effect.
    • They're often shown doing things like curing the common cold, trying to end world hunger, and trying to make a way to revitalize crops. At least a few of these have actually worked.

  • How is it that there is no toast on Veganda? Am I expected to believe that a planet entirely comprised of vegans haven't cultivated any form of wheat?
    • Maybe they invented space-wheatgrass smoothies where we invented bread, and they would have gotten around to bread in another six or eight thousand years but Johnny got there first?
    • Because to make bread, you need eggs and milk.
      • Uh... No, you don't. You need flour, water, maybe a little salt for flavor, and yeast. That last one could be the reason why there is no toast on Veganda. No naturally occurring yeast-like microbes.
      • They could always have made matzah.
      • That's cake.
    • This was answered in the same episode they mentioned there was no toast. They haven't invented toasters.

  • How come Johnny has to keep Dukey's ability to talk a secret? Their parents already know their daughters are mad scientists who frequently use Johnny as their guinea pig. They've witnessed resurrected zombies, aliens, Johnny turning into whatever is concocted by his sisters, and are even aware that he frequently goes on missions with the two agents, Mr. White and Mr. Black. How would revealing their dog can talk be any different?
    • Maybe they just really hate furries.
    • Conflict for the sake of conflict. Or they're against animal testing (while ignoring/unaware of the monkeys and other animals their daughters use as test subjects). Or on some level, they just want to be a normal family, but while still enjoying the perks of having a couple of geniuses as their daughters, and having a talking dog would further stress that illusion.
    • Hugh and Lila have forbidden DNA experiments of any kind within the house and the girls don't want to get in trouble and Dukey would probably be changed back if the parents found out, so all three kids and Dukey keep it a secret.
    • One episode does have them find out, and offers another reason: they both become so enamored with his personality that they start hogging him, preventing Johnny from hanging out with his best friend.
    • The show isn't entirely consistent on who does and doesn't know about Dukey in the first place. Early on, the General refered to the group saving Johnny as the Test Kids and their friend with the hair disorder, but more recently it's pretty obvious that they know he's Johnny's dog. Bling-Bling knows, but when Gil might have found out they emphatically said he couldn't. Dukey talked in plain view of Sissy in the saturday rewinding episode, but still seems to be unknown amongst Johnny's peers.

  • Why is it whenever there's a clonebot of Johnny, all it ever says is, "I'm Johnny"?
    • I thought it was implied that they only made it capable of menial tasks. Speech isn't required to do menial tasks, and the girls probably didn't want two Johnnys running around. Bets are that the clonebots of Mary and Susan aren't capable of as much thought process as the girls just for the simple fact that they would have to be dismantled later. At so much sentience, it becomes immoral to destroy it. Besides, the military made one that was almost an exact copy, and it turned out to be just as Chaotic Neutral as he could be.

  • How has Wacko's company not gone bankrupt? Their only income is from child-killing products that hardly anyone buys.
    • The 'child-killing' is primarally focused on Porkbelly, it's possible that they sell far less sinister toys to other places outside of Porkbelly for income.
      • My guess? very good PR and selling very popular non-lethal while wacko is incarcerated

  • Why do some people keep insisting that Gil's last name is "Nexdor"? In what official source has it ever been shown that it's his name at all? The captioning even says "Gil next door".
    • Why not? It makes it easier to search for the character and it makes more sense to refer to a character with their last name than by their geographical position.

  • The first episode with the Robo-Dad... Why doesn't real dad just say WHY Johnny can't do certain things, rather than just yell "NO!" at him? I know there wouldn't be any plot, but it seems like it's trying to make Hugh look like he won't let his son do ANYTHING (and yes, I know most of the things Johnny wanted to do were completely idiotic like jumping into a gator pit, but his screaming "NO NO NO NO NO" just because Johnny wanted to go to a hockey game is ridiculous). And yes, I know there's Rule of Funny, but still.
    • He does explain why at the end of the episode, things like "hockey games are expensive" and "nasty food is good for you". The hockey game thing seemed unjustified, seeing as how Johnny implied the game was promised or otherwise planned.

  • Why DOES Bling Bling have such a large crush on Susan?
    • He's a super genius, she's a super genius, to him it's like a match made in a volcano lair.
      • But it's never explained. Even with that logic, it doesn't explain why he has a crush on her. Or why he seemingly ignores Mary.
    • Crushes don't have to make sense.

  • Whatever happened to the Moonsies or the Extreme Teen Team? This show loves bringing back its older characters, you'd think they'd have shown up again. (Although, some of the Extreme Teens have had non-speaking cameos in crowd shots.)

  • In one episode, Susan and Mary create robot boys to make Gil jealous. Three of them. Wait, what?
    • There is a possible answer for's just not an appropriate one.
      • Then why aren't there four? That answer is a real [[Vodoo Shark]]. I mean, there are two girls, so under that explanation, the number would probably still be even.
    • Rule of Three

  • Why would there be a nuclear meltdown button in the nuclear reactor during the episode where Johnny and Dukey free 2 characters that are a parody of them?
    • Putting in something that dangerous and leaving it entirely unguarded seems pretty in-character for most of the characters in this show.

  • Why does everyone ask "Did that dog just talk?" whenever Dukey talks in front of people who don't know he is a genetically engineered dog but they don't bat an eyelash when Dukey stands on two legs nearly ALL THE TIME!?
    • Gil thinks that Dukey is just "well-trained." Then again, he IS Gil
      • But I didn't say Gil, I said EVERYONE.

  • Why does Johnny's school have the Ontario flag waving outside when they don't live in Canada?
    • Johnny Test is an American/Canadian production, so the people involved go back and forth on where the series is set. Just wait till the Fillipinos who animate the show get ideas!

  • Are Susan and Mary identical or fraternal twins?
    • Probably identical, they just have different hairstyles and accessories.

  • Why don't the parents have the lab torn down if they're so against Mary and Susan's experiments?
    • Aaaaaaaaaaaand there goes the plot for most of the series.
    • Maybe they don't want to be forceful about it. The girls are passionate about their experiments and taking that away from them would crush them.
    • Part of it probably lies in that overall, their parents are proud of them for the accomplishments. They set limitations because it can be dangerous, but there have been plenty of experiments they're perfectly fine with.
    • It also ensures their scholarship to Porkbelly Institute of Technology; and their dad is very keen on a "free college education" for them.

  • Why do the twins have different voices? Wouldn't it be cheaper to have them voiced by the same actress?
    • It wouldn't be cheaper because each actress voices 2 characters. So if one of them voiced both, the other actress would probably just voice 2 secondary characters
    • Voice actors are sometimes paid based on how many lines they do. Having one person voice both characters, they'd have to pay that person more.
    • Characters are voiced by different people to make them different. Not everyone is Tara Strong, or Trey Parker.

  • Okay, so Susan and Mary are both madly in love with Gil. That's understandable. But the problem here is Gil's only one guy. If the show ever gets out of Status Quo Is God and Gil eventually starts dating one of them, the other will be emotionally crushed! And every time they make clones of someone, it fails horribly. So, I'm not sure how this will work out, if it ever works out.
    • I could be wrong, but wasn't it implied at least once that they were planning on "sharing" him?
    • It's mostly just Depending on the Writer. In some episodes, they fight over him.
  • What's with that whipping sound every time someone makes a sharp movement? It's really distracting when it happens all the time.
    • Because it's EXTREME and AWESOME and RADICAL! Kids like that, right?

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