Headscratchers / Insane Clown Posse

  • Why is the character in "Suicidal Thoughts" (from The Wraith: Hell's Pit) rescued from his intended suicide, when all of the characters on the album die? I could understand putting that ending on any of the earlier Joker's Cards, but it doesn't make sense here.
    • Are you referring to "Suicide Hotline"? Because in that one he DOES die, he simply waits until his girlfriend hangs up to pull the trigger. Also, not every character on the album dies. Some of them(such as in "Angels Falling", and "In My Room") go on to live lives of endless misery, or are crippled for life/warped mentally into something monstrous("Walk Into The Darkness", "The Witch"). Hell, in a sick sense, "Bowling Balls" can be said to have a happy ending, albeit for the decapitating maniac.
      • DOH, you're right. I should have listened to the album again before I typed this.