Headscratchers / Heroes Mohinder

Why didn't Mohinder simply kill Sylar in s01ep19 after he knocked him out with the map?

Spider-Mohinder? That bugs me.
Mohinder banging Maya? That doesn't bug me. :)
  • If thought of creepy, uncomfortable horrid creature-to-evolved human sex is a turn-on for you. One wonders how Mo's mutation will affect his sex life.
    • And another thing. Why was Mohinder so dead set against using the less-lethal strain of the Shanti virus but didn't even ponder the possible implications of injecting himself with crazy-mutant-blood? Mohinder never fails to disappoint me :(
    • This is not unheard of in the world of science — fictional or otherwise. Anyway, Mohinder's never been the strictly rational, Spock kind of scientist. Passion that sometimes comes at the expense of common sense is a flaw I for one can live with.
  • He's not Spider-Mohinder, he's She Hulk!
    • Nope, He's Mohinderbooth waiting to happen.
  • All things considered, this really isn't that implausib... oh, fine.

How come Mohinder was hired by the Company to work on the formula?
  • They have Sylar as an agent. The guy whose sole power is UNDERSTANDING HOW IT WORKS. How CAN they need Mohinder?
    • Sylar understands how things work, but the formula wasn't working. They needed Mohinder to make it work.

How did Future!Spider-Mohinder live that long?
Yes, it's been a while since the relevant episodes aired, but still... in "I Am Become Death", Peter goes to the old Mendez loft and finds a horribly mutated, very aggressive, but alive Mohinder Suresh, and we're talking four years into the future. On the other hand, when we follow the time-line without such a big jump, we find that Mohinder's scaly infection has reached his lungs by "Dual" - a situation which he deems lethal, and which occurs much less than four years since Peter returned from his time-jump. Heck, I may not be an expert on Heroes chronology, but I don't think it had even been four days.
  • Well, the snarky answer is to say You are a poor scientist, Dr. Suresh, and remember that, given Mohinder's track record, it's not too unbelievable for him to diagnosis himself with a lethal infection and then be completely wrong. This is, after all, the same man who set out to find a cure for superpowers and wound up discovering part of the formula to give people superpowers, then decided to test it by injecting himself with it outside of the confines of his lab.
    • Additionally, given how whacked-up his body chemistry was at that point, it's possible that the infection - while lethal to a normal human - wasn't anything his altered body chemistry couldn't work around.
  • Or if you'd like a serious answer, about the only one I can think of is that Peter's trip to the future wound up causing him to change events in the present so that the Monster Mohinder never existed. The key point may have come in Eris Quod Sum when Peter, after being captured by Pinehearst, tells Mohinder that he saw him in the future and that Mohinder's future self had become a monster. Mohinder declares that "it's already too late" and shows Peter his arm, which is already becoming scaly. It's possible that this confirmation that he was going to become some form of monster caused Mohinder to stop working on monitoring his own condition and to focus more on perfecting the formula for Arthur... which lead to the infection becoming lethal before Mohinder's mutation completed.