Headscratchers / Heroes Samuel

Why didn't Samuel/The Carnies save Jeremy?

Someone in the carnival had the ability to get Samuel to where Tracy was and teleport the two of them back to the carnival so he could give her the tour and make his sales pitch. They were also able to get Samuel back to Jeremy's town after the fact so Samuel could destroy the jail as some sort of vengeance. Clearly they had some means of keep tabs on things, since they were able to move about without setting off Noah's alarms to their presence. But why, with all the power amongst the Carnies, didn't Samuel take in a team to spring Jeremy from the prison himself, if the kid was so important and The Carnies are so devoted to saving others who are different?

The Samuel Reel
So if we are to believe the reel, Chandra Suresh has been working with people with abilites for a long time, at least long enough for Samuel to grow to be fourty. Why then was Sylar, just a little before the events of the show, known as Patient Zero, the first special Suresh ever definitively found, and Suresh himself was already an old man? How the hell do the writers keep forgetting their own timeline?
  • Simple. The Haitian. Or Parkman's father. All it would have taken was a selective mind wipe. All of Suresh's notes that were from the 60's were found in the Desert site, and there is no evidence he ever reopened those files or revisited that location. More than likely, his memory of the entire experience was wiped, but not the overall idea that there could be people with abilities out there, thus making him still have the drive to search out those, and find Patient Zero (Sylar). Chandra literally didn't remember that there was that secret government project. Especially since the Company made sure that anyone who did know about it either worked for the Company, had their mind wiped, or was dead.
  • Word of God said Charles Deveaux mind-wiped him.
  • Also note that they retconned Suresh into having worked on the Coyote Sands base back in season three. The latest episode doesn't change anything it just goes with the most recent version of events.

Samuel's power level
He apparently caused earthquakes as a baby but in adulthood not only needs people with abilities around to do anything big, but is also completely useless when everyone leaves.
  • Well, he was born at Coyote Sands, surrounded by other people with abilities, perhaps even more than the carnival housed. Being able to cause an earthquake of that magnitude under those circumstances, even as an infant, is not hard to believe.