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Headscratchers: Gamer
  • A question posed by one reviewer: If Butler's character is controlled by someone else in every match, how does that make him a badass?
    • Its mentioned early on that if a player is totally in control, then the lag between player and avatar ("the ping") often proves to be fatal in combat, thus, some degree of their own autonomy is still in effect. Tillman even notes that when its time to pull the trigger, it's him that's doing it, not the person controlling him.
      • Also since he's physically doing everything, making it as much as his own skill in combat as his controller, how does that not make him a badass?
  • What would stop some troll from playing on Kable's team and teamkilling him for the lulz?
  • How/why was Hackman's gun disabled at a critical juncture but Kable's was fully active throughout his escape?
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