Awesome / Gamer

  • The scene right after the zombie dance show, where Kable kills a dozen mind-controlled zombie soldiers without suffering a scratch, in unarmed combat. Too bad many people don't remember it because their weirdness censor hasn't quite worn off from the dance number.
    • Brought by Castle himself saying "You're awesome."
  • Kable's method for getting out of the gaming zone: He smuggles in a bottle of ethanol, drinks it all, stumbles through the battlefield until he reaches a parking garage, and then vomits up the ethanol into a truck's fuel intake (and throws some urine in for good measure). This gives him enough fuel to get the truck out of the area. For all his badassery, Kable is clever as hell.
    • On the "clever as hell" note, killing a Marionette Master villain via the power of suggestion is pretty slick thinking.