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Headscratchers: GONE
  • In PLAGUE Brianna says she uses a E string of a cello as her preffered weapon...There's no such thing as a E string on a Cello.
  • In HUNGER, Astrid recalls christmas in the FAYZ with Sam and Little Pete. She claims that they got the christmas tree from the attic of her parent's house...except her parent's house burnt down the previous book, and consequently, the christmas tree would of been burnt to ashes too.
  • Why does it never rain in the FAYZ? Water should still evaporate like normal, a lake drying up is mentioned in Plague so how come there isn't any rain?
    • Has something to do with there being a giant dome over their heads. Possible that the water can pass through it on one side (when it's being evaporated) but can't get through the other side. Also, in book four, it does rain, because LP's thirsty.
      • I've wondered if water vapour can pass through, maybe thats the whole idea, rain would help keep them alive can't have that now can we.
    • Also, the lake was drying up because they were taking too much water from it too quickly.
  • Whenever Caine goes into a dangerous situation, he takes Diana with him. Every. Freaking. Time. They're battling the kids at Perdido Beach? She's there. Taking over the nuclear power plant? There again. Going to take over Perdido beach and battle giant insects? He'll even forcibly drag her instead of coming back for her later. This would make perfect sense if she had an offensive power like his or Sam's or Dekka's, or even one that could be useful at some point during the battle, like Lana's. All she can do is read people, and she doesn't even have normal strength. Seems like the only reason she's there is to tell hiim he's going to far or get almost killed by a pissed off Drake, both of which enrage him. So . . . why?
    • Because he's obsessed with her. Most likely he wants to show off how tough and powerful he is. Diana clearly agrees to go along, so perhaps she wants to.
  • How does Bug turn his clothes invisible along with himself?
    • Because it makes no sense that a Personality Power that manifested from the desire to hide from an abusive situation would only be effective when the user was butt naked.
  • Caine/Diana- who broke up with who during PLAGUE? In PLAGUE we assume it's Diana, seeing as Caine gives her the offer to be his queen and she's visibly quite pissed off with him for his delusions of grandeur "I'm a king" BS. In fact, most people after reading PLAGUE assumed he didn't even know Diana was pregnant. But then in FEAR, Diana says that "Caine made it pretty clear he didn't want anything to do with the baby." Which could constitute a breakup on his part. This also implies that Diana offered to let him raise the baby with her but he refused. So, which way round was it..? Who abandoned who? Alas, the break up scene isn't in the book, and thus we shall never know.
  • If Diana had been starving for 4 months and her periods had stopped (which means you're infertile), when how did she wind up pregnant?
    • This troper always thought that that was supernatural interference on part of the Gaiaphage.
    • Periods stopping doesn't mean infertile. Plenty of infertile women have periods - there can often be other reasons why they can't get pregnant (issues with the embryo emplanting in the womb wall etc). Also, plenty of high level female athletes (e.g. Gymnasts) often don't have periods at all until they stop, as they tend to have low body weight (which IS a factor in periods occuring), however this doesn't mean they can't get pregnant.
  • If Taylor can teleport anywhere she's been, why can't she teleport out of the FAYZ? Especially once it becomes transparent. Granted, in FEAR she gets turned into a lizard type thing.
    • The powers may be attached to the FAYZ/gaiaphage, meaning that they can't leave using the powers.
      • Except the kids were using them before the FAYZ came about. Petey's power even caused the FAYZ.
  • At the end of Light it's mentioned that 40% of the kids originally trapped the FAYZ ended up dying. Considering how many moments there were during the whole series where something resulted in a large number of casualties, and especially considering how the explosions and fires in Light did kill over 70 people, that seems too low of a number.
    • You have to remember there were over 300 kids trapped in the FAYZ at the beginning.
    • Still, considering all the deaths, that's still a low number.
  • If it never rains in the FAYZ (which is a Headscratcher all on its own), then how are there still trees? Wouldn't they have all died out in the first couple months of the FAYZ?
    • There are trees out in deserts and other extremely dry habitats. Plus, does it rain much in california anyway?
    • It would certainly rain a lot directly beside a beach - the trees shouldn't be used to going more than a few weeks without rain.
  • How did Toto survive entirely on Nutella for eight months? It doesn't exactly provide much in terms of balanced nutrition, and it's almost impossible to survive solely on anything for more than a couple weeks.
  • This has been bugging me since the beginning: How come Anna and Emma were fine coming out of the FAYZ and yet Francis and Mary were...uh, not?
    • My theory was always that when Anna and Emma disappeared, it was just Little Pete's doing, and the Gaiaphage didn't care. But in Lies, the Gaiaphage created a plan to mutate everyone that poofed, and what it did to Francis and Mary was what it would've done to everyone.
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