Headscratchers / Fred Claus

  • As most Santa Claus related movies it suffers from creator provincialism... What's the elves' idea of a gift that can easily be made and would fit all boys in the world? "Baseball gloves" (or "Baseball bat", I'm sure I heard "gloves" but they showed bats being given nonteheless the criticism still applies) What about "balls"? They are easier to make and can be used in every sport and game known and enjoyed everywhere in the world not just the boring provincial sport of "baseball" and such...
    • Well, you can use a small rock or an acorn for a ball. But if you throw a baseball at someone, then it's going to hurt their hand if they don't have a glove.
    • Also balls are not as easy to make as bats. The whole point of giving baseball bats was that they could be made really easily, and that's basically true in real life. All you need is a long block of wood and a lathe, and as skilled as the elves are they could make a bat in a few minutes at most. Balls take more time and effort, especially the kind used in whatever boring provincial sport you prefer.