Headscratchers / Duplicity

  • Why didn't Dick ask someone with expertise to review the formula—even partially or superficially—before the announcement? Or just do a google search? That's either an enormous headscratcher or one hell of a tragic flaw (i.e. paranoia). You could ask the same question about Claire and Ray or really anyone involved with the caper at B&R.
  • How did Ray get the formula which he brings to the airport? Yes, they made a point to show that the non-crumpled one went into the file cabinet and that the crumpled one was the one that "busted" Ray. How did he get the crumpled one—or any copy—after he was "busted?"
  • Why did Claire and Ray say nearly exactly the same things in their first ever meeting in Dubai AND their subsequent meetings in both Rome (likely spontaneous) and NYC (rehearsed)? Especially since Ray apparently has trouble remembering his lines while rehearsing for the NYC meeting but says the same words verbatim—along with Claire—in both Dubai and Rome without any apparent rehearsal.
  • Why didn't Claire and/or Ray sweep for bugs?