Headscratchers: Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story

  • So let me get this straight. If the team of girl scouts hadn't gotten busted for cheating, they'd be the ones competing in the Dodgeball Tournament? With a bunch of adults?
    • Thats about the gist of it yes.
    • One wonders how they'd have reacted to the Dodgeball Dancers...
    • Although completely incompetent at that point in the movie, the Average Joes crew were (bar Justin) full-grown adults. So ...
  • Okay, so Global Gym is an international company right? Or at least a national one. I'm pretty sure it's mentioned at some point that they have multiple locations. So how the hell is the controlling share of the company only four million bucks? Shouldn't it be worth more. Please note I have little understanding of economics, so maybe it does make sense. If that's the case, someone tell me.
    • For one it's just a gym, not a corporation. It only has one purpose and it aims at a specific clientele, and therefore it's only worth a small amount. In addition, a "controlling share" is anything over 50%, so maybe it was a 10 million dollar company, Vince Vaughn bought half with the 5 million he won, and the "four million" thing was just a spitballing estimate.
    • Plus he's got five million already. It shouldn't be that hard to cut deals and get the extra couple millions he might need.

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