Defeat the dragons\\
And eat their souls\\
To save the world, again

Skyrim's dangerous\\
And cold, stranger. Better bring\\
Two swords and a beard.

You know what is wrong?\\
Everyone's obsessed with death\\
In Skyrim these days.

Used to adventure\\
Was just like you, friend, but then\\
Arrow in the knee.

Skyrimís in crisis\\
How do we solve its problems?\\
Three words: '''FUS RO DAH!'''
-->The Eternal

Skyrim, Perfect Game\\
Take an Arrow to the knee\\
Shout at a Dragon

Hail the Dovhakiin\\
Or he'll Fus Ro Dah your ass\\
Off the highest cliff
--> Accela

Sword, bow, axe, magic\\
My weapon of choice is my\\
Thu'um. '''FUS RO DAH!'''
--> Zaptech