Haiku / Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)

The characters know
that this one haiku alone
is insufficient.

Making a sandwich
while the game loads the data.
The game is too slow.

Obvious Beta.
And to think I wanted this!
Well, I've changed my mind.

This game would have rocked
But they rushed for Christmas day
Now look what we got.

Third worst Sonic game
Lowest of the low for him
My God, They Killed Blaze!

This game was so bad
It erased itself from time
Had good music, though
Dan Genesis Dan Genesis

Terrible Story
Had plenty of characters
No one gave a shit.

At least the Let's Play is good,
If only for "FUUUUUUCK!"

It was on clearance.
I actually beat this game.
I need a hard drink.

It had potential.
But executives rushed it.
Oh, What Could Have Been.

Sonic and Elise.
What the hell were they smoking
To think that was sane?

Everyone knows its status-
Now it loads. Again.

This game just plain sucks.
Only thing worth playing for:
Dan Green's Evil Laugh.

Aspired to so much
But, due to impatience, lived
Up to none of it

Endless loading screens
Backed up by sucky physics
-> WilliamSchnell

It could have been great
But Sega mucked it all up
What a disaster

It's pretty awful
But I think the worst game is
Sonic Labyrinth

I made this haiku
While waiting for this damn game
To finally load.

What the hell, Sega?
Time travel plots are bullshit
Also, Sonic dies?!?!?!