Haiku / Haiku Wiki

A Yamato Nadeshiko sleeping after reading a collection of haiku on this page. note 

Trapped eternally
Never-ending Wiki Walk
No escaping Tropes.

Hey, this site looks cool
Think I'll click a link or two
...Where did my life go?

Tried to index page
Link is on Haiku Wiki
But still won't show up.
Nevermind, my friends
I was just too impatient
It is now indexed.

Wiki catalogues
Storytelling devices.
Warning: Addictive.

It's for Wikipedias;
TV Tropes has fun.

Time to start homework
Take a break on TV Tropes
Work never gets done

Your life is ruined
Yet enhanced at the same time;
Will you join our ranks?

Browsing TV Tropes
Wiki Walk engulfs my life
Wait...what time is it?

If I should die soon
Put a laptop in my grave
...Zombies need tropes too.

Now that you've come here
Say goodbye to your spare time
There is no escape

A smorgasbord of options
Listing every detail from fiction
Still, it's fun to stare at summaries

That's not a haiku;
Far too many syllables.
'Five-Seven-Five' scheme.

Just five more minutes
Wait, this trope is new to me
Morning already?

The haiku above
Tells the story of my life
I'm okay with this

Do not insult me.
Five syllables, then seven,
Then five more? Easy.

Abandon all hope
And productivity too
Ye who enter here.