Funny / Your Highness

  • No matter how much you hated the film, you have to admit this— the look Isabel gives Thadeous after he makes a speech about how they will protect her (for men are strong and women are weak) is Actually Pretty Funny.
  • When Thadeous is freeing Belladona (who is still under the sexy-spell) she tries to suck his er... trophy. He tries to stop her with "Don't suck that, that's dead." in a really distracted voice. Funnier than it sounds.
  • "Everyone in the kingdom wants to suck your dick! Nobody wants to suck mine!"
  • "You're too late! The Fuckening has begun!"
  • So many of Natalie Portman's lines, as she plays them completely straight.
    Isabel: That feeling is all too familiar. It's been burning in my beaver since the day I lost my brothers.
  • The following, brief moment in the tavern:
    Courtney: It's my birthday today.
    Thadeous: Fuck that.
  • "Yes I know, but what if he butt-fucked her?"
  • A deleted scene has a travel montage accompanied by a song called "Fuck These Shitty Moons."