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YMMV: Your Highness
  • Bloody Hilarious: The gore is so excessive (and blatantly CGI) that it's often really funny.
    • And speaking of CGI, the film actually looks very impressive. Yes, 90% of what you see is really just CGI, but it's made on a very high level for "just a comedy/spoof".
  • Crosses the Line Twice: What's worse than a Minotaur's erect penis? A Minotaur's severed penis being worn as a necklace.
    • What's worse than that? The Damsel in Distress trying to stick it in her mouth when the hero arrives to save her, because she's been hypnotized in order to rape her.
  • Designated Hero: Thadeous. Other than find the sword and immediately murder an apparently still horny but otherwise pacified Minotaur with it, he does nothing of importance and screws up things a few times. Even his assistant is more skilled than him.
  • Incest Yay Shipping: Fabious is in love with Thadeous. There's nothing even subtle about it. The fact none of the characters acknowledge it is actually part of the joke.
  • Took the Bad Film Seriously: This may have been a paycheck gig for Natalie Portman, but her Blood Knight scenes are incredibly funny because she plays the whole thing absolutely straight.
  • WTH, Casting Agency?: James Franco, Natalie Portman and Zooey Deschanel have this trope covered over several demographics.
    • The trailer for the movie even lampshaded this for the former two by mention being an Academy Award nominee and winner respectively.
    • For film nerds, director David Gordon Green, mostly notable for his sensitive award-winning indie dramas, fills this role behind the camera.

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