Funny / X-Factor

  • In volume two , just after a big fight, a female teammate (in the usual skintight spandex) is complaining about being banged up.
    Strong Guy: Try stretching your arms over your head and arching your back.
    Polaris: How's this supposed to help me?
    Strong Guy: It isn't, but it's doing wonders for me.
  • Another funny moment:
    Bystander: Thank you for coming so quickly.
    Multiple Man: Well, it was hard to miss that big "X" you shined on passing clouds.
    Quicksilver: Ignore him. We all do.
  • During an attempted reconciliation with Crystal, Pietro briefly leads her to believe he's coming out of the closet. He's actually attempting to explain he's seeing a psychiatrist. She initially thought he was having an affair with polaris as he referenced seeing someone with green hair (it was actually Doc Samson). When he said "he", that was when the confusion really set in.
  • In an issue of X-Factor V3, Rictor is being questioned by the police about a contact. He finally gives up the name "Robert", describing him as having a pointy nose, a rectangular face, wide eyes, and yellowish skin. The cop comments that "Robert" sounds like a druggie, and the other guy agrees, saying he claims to live under the sea... in a pineapple. The cop remains clueless (and another one, upon finding out, pegs him as not having any kids and gripes that now that song is going to stick in her head all day).
  • After a horrifically trying day brought on by Arcade, Val Cooper and Jamie return to X-Factor investigations, and are answered at the door by a twitchy Rictor armed with a gun.
    Rictor: She's a robot, Madrox! Look at those eyes! Dead and soulless!
    Rictor: Oh, right.
  • In X-Factor V3 213, Madrox is reaching to open the door saying at least they didn't bring Pip with them (after they teleported and left him in Vegas), *SLAM!* Pip slams the door on Madrox's face from the other side and quips that he can teleport too.
  • A ghostly Feral's snarking about how the more animal-based gods fighting over Rhane's child are easily distracted... only to get distracted by a piece of string.
  • Layla silently covering the walls with salt, and the team reacting with indifference. Even better, Madrox explaining to the team what wards are, and that he knows because one of his dupes was a gopher on the set of Supernatural.
  • Layla's explanation for why magic wards won't get rid of Feral's ghost: They're designed to ward off threats. Feral, meanwhile, is just "an annoyance".
  • Warlock freaking out after Danger brings up sexual intercourse
    Warlock: She wants sexual intercourse. Self will be leaving the planet now.
    • The awkwardness that ensues after Gambit kisses Lorna in that same issue.
  • Gambit and Cypher arguing over whether or not the first Star Trek movie counts while discussing transporter failures in the middle of a fight.
  • Polaris giving her sister the Scarlet Witch her first ever beer. The latter not only chugs it down, but she ends up liking it and chugs down a few more.
    Scarlet Witch: Can I have another beer?
    Polaris: You're not supposed to drink five in a half-hour.
    Scarlet Witch: But it's really good.
    • Made even funnier when they have to stop an attempted murder, and Wanda starts yawning in the middle of the fight.