Heartwarming / X-Factor

X-Factor v2

  • Jamie using his duplicates to act as super-babysitter to a group of child-like mutates.

X-Factor (Investigations) v3

  • In issue #41, Jamie is just about to shoot himself, when Layla returns from the future. Shocked, Jamie drops his gun, then happily hugs her.
  • Siryn's conversation with Reverend John Maddox in Ireland during #200.
  • The resolution to Rahne's return in X-Factor v3 #213. Shatterstar and Layla encourage Rictor to go after Rahne, who has fled. He finds her in Central Park, and instead of confronting her and getting angry, they have a quiet and surprisingly calm conversation about it. In the end, they start to resolve the major issue and he takes her home.
  • Shatterstar giving an elderly homeless man his umbrella during a rainstorm, in issue #220.
  • Jack Russell adopting Rahne's son. And then Rahne finally owning up to her mistakes, searching for and being reunited with her rapidly aged son, Tier, quitting the team so she, Tier and Jack can all three live together.

All New X-Factor (v4)

  • Quicksilver's daughter, Luna, has made up with him and forgiven him after causing the war between the Inhumans and the U.S. Government by stealing the Terrigen Crystals because he confessed on camera.
  • The issue after that (Issue 13) has plenty
    • Luna and Pietro spending a day together, enjoying each others company, and Luna noting how nice it is Pietro's finally acting like her father
    • Pietro not fighting back against Gorgon, noting that he had every right to be angry about what Pietro had done to the Inhumans
    • Pietro telling Crystal he feels sorry for Ronan after the forced end to their marriage. Crystal honestly appreciates it and calls him sweet.
    • Warlock asking Danger out and getting a yes. Granted it quickly becomes a crowning moment of funny, but still.
    • Lorna telling Harrison that she refuses to let him kick Pietro off the team, and that she'll quit if he does so.
  • The final issue has Cypher and Warlock make up, followed by Warlock sharing whatever it is that he has inside of him that he believes to be his soul with Danger, despite being angry with them both.