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Funny: Worms
  • To quote Guy Harris, "You try reading 1000s of words perfectly."
    Harris: 'And yes we meant skillz, and not skills... 'Cause we're... Thirty-three-T?' 'Cause we're what? Leet! Yes... With two three's instead of two E's. Okay. 'And yes we meant skillz, and not skills. 'Cause we're L33T.'
  • Because of the way network play is handled, online games can become funny if you host one with voice chat using an outside program like Skype. You'll often hear a player scream in frustration seconds before you actually see them mess up their turn.
  • The Worst Shot Ever contest. Watching these people backfire so horrifically is hilarious.
  • Try throwing a grenade towards a bundle of worms in Reloaded and they all start screaming. Not a continuous one, either, they just scream multiple times with a blank expression and in the most hilarious way ever.
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