Funny / Wishbone

  • Wishbone himself provides much comic relief in the show
    • On a meta-level, Larry Brantley providing many of Wishbone's fitting dialogue, from holding stuff in his mouth to eating with his mouth full, to spitting something out, to shaking himself dry.
    • In "Golden Retrieved": "Joe, I don't know how to tell you this but, the bike's upside down."
    • Wishbone riding on a skateboard. That is all.
    • In "Bark that Bark", Wishbone's reaction when David's attempt to fix the stage lights short-circuits in a flash of sparks:
    • Wishbone exploring Wanda's house in "A Flea-bitten Bargain"
    • During "Moon Bone", Wishbone going through a "digging craze" while under the influence of the full moon.
      • "Need more stuff to bury! (Shortly after) Bury flamingo!"
  • In "A Tale of Two Sitters", Emily and Tina have their crowning moment when left alone with Wishbone.
    Emily: We get Wishbone.
    Tina: Yeah!
    Emily: Let's make Wishbone pretty!
    Wishbone: Excuse me, I am not a poodle, I do not wish to be "pretty"!
    Tina: Let's put a bow on his head!
    Emily: Yeah!
    Wishbone: Oh no! (Leaves)
    • Also in the same episode, in "A Tale of Two Cities", Charles/Wishbone acting offended in court when he's described as a "fat cat".
    Charles/Wishbone: Excuse me, but do I look like a "fat cat"?
  • In "The Count's Account", David retaliates Damont by setting his invention to spray pink dye, so he would be caught "red-handed". Unfortunately, in the process, Wishbone gets sprayed as well, turning his coat pink.
    Wishbone: I look like cotton candy with a tail and legs!
  • "Phantom of the Opera" has one part where the Phantom makes Carlotta literally croak like a toad.
  • Surprisingly, for an episode that focuses on the book "Faust", "A Flea-bitten Bargain" has quite a trove of funny moments.
    • Faust/Wishbone screams when Mephistoles first appears.
    • The salesman Dr. Montana being appropriately compared to the Devil in "Faust".
    • Wishbone winning the crowd from Dr. Montana.
    • In Wishbone's depiction of "Faust", Heaven has a fire hydrant.
  • In Part 2 of "A Tale in Twain", Wanda being startled by the rusty sound of a violin playing.
  • In "A Dogged Expose", the episode climaxing with Wishbone pulling down Damont's pants, exposing his underwear.
  • In Wishbone's depiction of "Cyrano", Christian's attempt to profess his love to Roxanne comes down to only two different sentences: "I love you" and "I love you so". Naturally, Roxanne is disappointed that her crush has no intellect behind his beauty.
  • In "Bark to the Future", when Ellen reminds Wishbone he only gets 3 dog treats a day, our little canine does the math to himself.
    Wishbone: Let's see now, 3 snaps a day and 7 days in a week. That's 3 snaps, times 7, which equals 21 snaps. And there are 22 snaps in each box. Hmm, what's happening to that extra snap. (Sees Ellen casually eating something) GAAAASP! Ellen! And to think I trusted you!
  • In "Rushin to the Bone", Wishbone being unaccustomed to most of the things that come with being "Mr. Mac Pooch", like wearing costumes and trying not to be distracted by his own voice actor.
  • In "Twisted Tail", Wishbone peeing on the motorcycle of the perpetrator who's been stealing stuff.
  • In "Little Big Dog", Emily being cheeky when towards the end, she claims her "conscience" says she should have two scoops of ice cream.
  • Much of the characters in Wishbone's rendition of "The Inspector General"
    Hlestakov: (sweetly asking Osip make his dinner) Oh please, Osip, please?
    Wishbone/Osip: No!
    Hlestakov: (throwing a childish tantrum) BUT I'M HUUUUUN-GRRYYYYY!
  • Wanda's tendency to be a Cuckoo Cloud Lander, when she's not yelling at Wishbone for digging up her garden.
    • Her dressing up in a black suit during the steak-out at the library in "Pantin at the Opera"
    • When she suspects someone has broken into her house, she arms herself with a (highly decorative) rolling pin.
  • The Running Gag in "The Canine Cure" where Wishbone is convinced he's mastered telekinesis.
  • In the book version of "Mixed Breeds", the Running Gag in "The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" where Utterson/Wishbone has a secret desire to break his diet and help himself to sausages.