Heartwarming / Wishbone

  • The fact that they went out of their way to make the main trio as nice as possible. It's so sweet to see a group of characters who almost completely avert Kids Are Cruel and Teens Are Monsters.
  • Sam playing mentor in the Hunchback of Notre Dame episode.
  • When Wishbone falls in the hole again in Golden Retrieving and Joe says "Wishbone!" at the same time the older gentleman says "Spot!"
  • In Wishbone's depiction of "Cyranos", whilst playing the main character himself, Wishbone lamp shades that a late happy ending is better than no happy ending.
  • In "Faust", the visitation of the angel Care, who brings out the good in Faust/Wishbone. And he finds that caring is not only the one activity he's never tried before, but he loves it!
    • Also in the episode "A Flea-bitten Bargain", Wanda getting along with Wishbone when the latter accidentally sneaks into her house.
      • Just the shy way she attempts to pet Wishbone. It's almost as if Wanda's never really petted a dog before.
    • When offered a free exchange of the Wish-O-Matic for Wishbone by the sleazy Dr. Montana, Joe turns the offer down without any hesitation.
  • In "Digging up the Past", Joe, Sam, David, and Wishbone befriend an affable old lady who used to live in Joe's house.
    • What's more, they help her find her old box of memorabilia.
  • In "Paw Prints of Thieves", Joe and his friends go on strike when a beloved lunch lady is fired for trying to donate food from the school cafeteria.
    • What's more, other students join their cause without question. It's not only a reflection of how noble the students are, but how the lunch lady in question has made her mark by being nice to them.