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Funny: White Christmas
  • Anytime anybody says "We're doing it for a pal in the army."
  • Bob muttering "Pushing, pushing" when Phil remarks how nice it is that Betty wants to get married.
  • General Waverly has told the driver to take "the shortcut" route to take his replacement back to base:
    Joe: "That's not the way back to base!"
    Waverly: "Joe, you know that, and I know that, but the new General doesn't know it. Or he won't for about an hour and a half."
    Joe: "That Sergeant'll be a private in the morning!"
    Waverly: "Yes. Isn't he lucky?"
  • Our heroes reprise of "Sisters". The take used was one that the actors just made to have fun with it, there was no intention to actually use it until the director saw how good it turned out.
  • So how much is wow?
    • Somewhere between ouch and boing!
      • Wow...
  • Everything about Doris, friend of Rita's, but especially:
    Phil: Alright, she didn't go to college, she didn't go to Smith!
    Bob: Go to Smith? She couldn't even spell it!
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