Funny / Where in Time Is Carmen Sandiego?

Let's face it: in a World of Ham like this one, funny moments are abundant and plentiful.
  • One of the ways Dr. Belljar can attack the Chronoskimmer is by punching buttons on a keypad-like panel on the exterior before shorting it.
    Dr. Belljar: Sorry, my PIN number didn't work!
  • When the V.I.L.E. henchman of the week sabotages the ship and incites a Data Boost, there's a number of stock ways the Chronoskimmer is affected. Most of the really funny ones happen when it cuts to the flashing "DANGER" sign on the bridge, Screen Shakes, and shows Kevin flailing around to hit the Engine Room comm button, where one of the following might be shown:
    • The Engine Crew is shrunk to about a foot or so tall, and are up close and personal with an interested parrot.
    John: Kevin, we're feeling a little like birdseed here!
    • As Alaine puts it, the Engine Room is transformed into a ticker tape parade, with paper confetti raining down on them.
    • Warped to Times Square in New York City.
    John: We're stuck in Times Square.
    Jamie: Look out for that bus! [yanks him out of the way as one rolls by from the background]
  • Season 2 Episode 3, which dealt with apprenticeship, had a great skit involving the Cluefinder door malfunctioning:
    • It activates for no discernible reason and gets stuck half-open, so Kevin calls the Chronoskimmer engineer, Fumbles McWhoops, to fix it.
    • She comes up carrying a "quantum oscillation interdimensional relay"; in other words, a Big Electric Switch with several loops of large wires on the sides and a red LED on the front and shows it to Kevin and the kids, completely disregarding the door.
    Fumbles: See, I throw this switch...and the little red light goes on.
    Kevin: Okay, and what does the little red light mean?
    Fumbles: ...That I've thrown the switch!
    Rightmost Kid: [sounding like she's trying not to laugh] Where did he go?
    Center Kid: [looks frantically back and forth between his competitors] What should we do!?
    Leftmost Kid: [sounding mildly concerned] Is he coming back?
    • Then Kevin does come back, dressed as a caveman.
    Kevin: Wow! That was, bar none, the strangest three years of my life.
  • Jacqueline Hyde's conversation with Carmen at the start of Season 2 Episode 11 (where they steal labor unions):
    Jacqueline: Why, hello, Carme-kins! [switches to Hyde mode] Blech! Sometimes I make myself wanna retch!
    Carmen: Well, don't do it here!