Funny: Wayward Courier

  • Thomas's first impression of Pinkie Pie is that she reminds him of a chem addict.
  • Pinkie speaks perfect Zebrican. Twilight asks since when she could. Pinkie then goes on to state that she doesn't speak Zebrican, she speaks perfect green.
  • Thomas eats an orange.
  • Thomas gives his reason for getting up with wounds so early: He got shot twice in the brain. De-Fib gasps for a second..... and then realises that explains far too much.
  • Much of Chapter 22 is this.
    • Thomas telling his then-unknown audience what cheese is made of. You can guess what the listener does in reaction.
    • Thomas singing "Blue Moon" in front of everypony present. Princess Luna shines red in embarrassment, while the rest try to stifle their laughter in front of her.
    • A drunken Thomas and Luna shamble through the corridors of the castle to Thomas's bedroom, ready to go to sleep, only for Luna to kiss Thomas (to his shock) and go down on him (with his consent, mind you).
  • The second to the last section of the story? Little more than Luna trying to sort out the... awkward relationship between them. Sensing what's coming, Thomas checks his stuff, whips out the Transportalponder...
    Thomas gripped the Transportalponder, flashed a smile at the princess and winked. I must go now. My people need me. With a flash of blue light, he disappeared, taking some of the balcony with him.
    Luna gawked at the spot the man had just vacated. She opened and closed her mouth several words, trying to find words. Eventually, she settled on one.

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