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Funny: Vision of Escaflowne Abridged
  • After being confronted that his claims that the deaths of two soldiers pushed Folken to defect sounded suspicious, considering he was responsible for killing thousands of his kinsmen by masterminding the invasions of several countries, he pointed out they were Incestuous, Bisexual, Identical Twin, Ninja Catgirls with Big Breasts. This instantly convinces the entire room.
    Allen: I'll be in my quarters. No visitors.
  • This Exchange:
    Allen: Wait, this is crossing the line? Going over to Zaibach, invading Fanelia and Fried, killing your mentor, kidnapping and drugging you. All that stuff was cool, but this is eternal vengeance territory?
    Van: Is there a problem with that?
    Allen: Just making sure I understand you.
  • Dornkirk and Folken. All the time.
    Folken: I beg your pardon my lord, I must have something stupid in my ear. Because it sounds like you just said you didn't expect an equal and opposite reaction!
    Dornkirk: Nope.
    Folken: Sir, with all due respect... You're ISAAC FUCKING NEWTON!
  • Hitomi tries to comfort Van during his angst coma.
    Hitomi: See? Merle likes you!
    Van: Oh great, now I think I'll just stay here forever. *inner world goes to hell*
  • YMMV on this one, but I found this part to be absolutely hilarious, all because of Kaiserneko's awesome voice acting.
    Van: Dilandau?! You're a scab?!
    Dilandau: Hell yes I'm a scab! Killing things is its own reward, and HEALTHCARE BE DAMNED!!
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