Funny: Underbelly

  • Alfonse Gangitano's 'updated photo' he personally sent to the police for their files. It's actually used by the police later on, and the sight of Gangitano's contemplative mug juxtaposed with Butterworth seething with rage is amazing, and gets better when Butterworth actually hits it in frustration.
  • Carl getting busted for drug manufacturing in Cocksure. By sheer accident.
    Policeman: Mr Brown?
    Carl: No.
    Policeman: But a Mr David Brown does live at these premises?
    Carl: No, mate. Not here.
    Policeman: We have a summons here for a court appearance in regards to 11 traffic offences. And his address is listed as 34 Hayden Place.
    Carl: Oh, this is 34A Hayden Place. Yeah, you've got the wrong address.
    *The pill press, still on at this point, roars loudly*
    Policeman: Mate, what exactly is going on in here?
    *Police barge in to find the drug lab*
    • Earlier on, Jason destroying his kid's toy in anger. So does Carl when Jason returns from self imposed exile.
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