Awesome / Underbelly

  • Wise Monkeys, after portraying Nick Radev as a womanising rapist, is gunned down by Benji and The Runner, real name Victor Brincatt. After putting about ten shots into him, they argue over who killed him.
  • Scratched has Task Force Purana come across a fault in their survailence system, where they can only listen as two of Carl's biggest monsters kill a drug dealer, before detectives find and capture The Driver and Steve Owen runs down and captures the fleeing Runner. Later, Detective Butterworth holds a press conferrence where he expresses his sympathies for the tragedy, before citing the task force's effectiveness. The episode ends with mug shots of Carl's sociopaths, who are in custody.
  • Team Purana ends with enough evidence being gathered to arrest Carl. Carl, Roberta and the new crew they had to hire are having a barbecue, when they see Steve Owen and Jaquie James walking towards them. Roberta doesn't feel threatened at first, before seeing every member of Purana is with them. Carl looks visibly shaken, Roberta swears, and a smiling Steve says that Carl is arrested for murder.
  • After Alphonse bribes witnesses to his murder of Greg Workman and he is released The Black Prince goes for a Power Walk down Lygon Street, which ends with him walking across the hood of a police car that had pulled out before him.
    • This get's a call back in A Tale of Two Hitmen, where after the Kanes and Ray Chuck are killed there is speculation of who would rule the criminal underworld. Cut to a young Alphonse walking down Lygon Street, a police car pulling to a stop at an intersection, and Gangitano walking over the top of it.
  • Couples with Crowning Moment of Funny, Carl sends his regards to Zara after Lew Caine was killed. He then thinks about how he had become the king of the underworld, and clearly having reconciled with Roberta stands up to jump on the trampoline he was on, as it cuts to his victims, the survivors of the Carlton Crew, and Purana working on how to stop more deaths, as Carl throws punches in the air and at the end does the mid air splits.
  • Steve Owen guesses that Carl had raced across town at high speed to a bottle shop, after murdering Mark Moran, in order to show up on CCTV there for an alibi. After several uninspiring, failed attempts to replicate this drive himself in a V8 cop car, he reluctantly lets Jacqui get behind the wheel. She casually, unexpectedly hoons and drifts the car like it was stolen, and successfully matches the journey time with almost no effort.