Funny / Ultramarines

  • The Killing Ground: Before his trial by combat, Uriel asks what the rules are. Leodegarius grins, says "You are such an Ultramarine", and punches him in the face.
    • After said combat Uriel is dazed to discover they were not required to win, and in fact would have been a sure sign of Chaos empowerment. He is still assimilating this when Pasanius regains consciousness.
    Pasanius (groggily): "What happened? Did we win?"
    Uriel: "I think we did."
    Pasanius: "Good. I knew we could take him." (loses consciousness)
    • Another test has Uriel forced to reach into a cauldron of boiling oil to retrieve a key. In a rare moment of Genre Savvy regarding the excessive ritual of the 40k universe, Uriel asks Leodegarius:
    Uriel: "What exactly will this prove, beyond that my flesh will burn?"