Awesome / Ultramarines


  • Proteus swinging the warhammer, ancient relic weapon of the Ultramarines, and killing the daemon while reciting the Ultramarines' Badass Creed
    • I am steel! I am doom! I march for Macragge! And I shall know no fear!
  • Preceded by Pythol's dramatic Shut Up, Hannibal! / Heroic Sacrifice to snap Proteus out of his Glory Seeker dreams.
  • The return of Captain Severus in a massive Roaring Rampage of Revenge right through the ranks of the Black Legion. Subverted when it turns out that it's actually the Daemon from before wearing Severus' body as part of a complex Batman Gambit.
  • Karnak the Chaplain gets one with two simple words.


  • Uriel Ventris giving The Nightbringer a You Shall Not Pass! moment and threatening to detonate a melta bomb that would bring down the tomb on top of both of them, definitely killing Uriel and quite possibily killing the weakened Nightbringer. Uriel looked a god as old as the universe in the eye and dared it to try and take his men, and the god backed down.
    • Given that in-universe the Nightbringer inspired the fear of death and one of its forms is a personification of death, it's as if he looked Death in the face, and Death backed down!
  • Ventris gets a dual moment of awesome and heartwarming in Warriors of Ultramar when after learning that Kryptmann and Chaplain Astador lied to him and virus bombed a planet rather than give the 4th Company the chance to evacuate the billions of people trapped there, Ventris decks Astador and very nearly strangled Kryptmann.
    • Pasanius gets one in that scene when he grabs Astador from behind before the nearly feral Chaplain can try and strike back and holds back a raging Astartes with no effort at all.
  • In Dead Sky, Black Sun Uriel gets a bunch of Awesome moments, but one of the best is the Rousing Speech he gives to the Medrengard Renegades that inspires them to join him and Pasanius on their Death Oath quest. It cost most of them their lives, but they died like real Astartes.
  • The Chapter's Due is a whole Crowning Moment of Awesome for the Ultramarines. Having suffered several years of being a Creator's Pet in terms of fluff, Graham McNeill proves just why the Ultramarines are held as the standard for Space Marines: they're actual human beings who treat their people with dignity and respect.
    • Marneus Calgar: Having previously lied to his own Chapter about killing M'kar, Calgar uses the Shard of Erebus recovered by Uriel Ventris to kill M'kar. He emerges as a humbler man from the battle.
    • Varro Tigurius: At his absolute limits, Tigurius manages to wake up long enough to sever M'kar's link to the Warp core aboard the Indomitable, making him unable to raise anymore daemons.
    • How he did it is a crowning moment of awesome as well: being carried along by the civilians of Talassar who had gathered in the citadel of Castra Tanagra. The leader of civilians is holding Tigurius' staff, which is larger than him. Even Calgar finds it a CMOA.
    • Uriel Ventris gets a crowning moment of awesome with this line: "I name thee Maloq Kartho! Your true and mortal name!"
    • Where Uriel defeats M'kar by invoking its True Name and thus allowing Marneus Calgar to stab it with the 'Shard of Erebus'. Made more awesome by the fact that Word of God states plot points in the book hearken to the darkest and most secret times of the Horus Heresy - the Shard of Erebus seems to be a part of the Anathame.
    • Pasanius gets one when he takes a melta blast to the chest. His armor is reduced to dripping ceramite, yet he survives unscathed.