Funny: UFO Robo Grendizer

  • Danbei Makiba, a character Go Nagai had already used in previous mangas: Abashiri Ikka and Cutey Honey, is Hikaru's father. He is obsessed with meeting aliens (doing him the poster boy for Be Careful What You Wish For) and spends a lot of his time gazing over the sky with a telescope, hoping for seeing a flying saucer instead of taking care of his ranch. When Kouji arrived the ranch, he thought it was a visitor from other planet (then again, Kouji flying a built-on-Earth flying saucer and wearing a Latex Space Suit didn't help to prevent the confussion) and tried talking to him on what he would think was an alien idiom (but was nothing but gibberish. He is also fiercely protective of his daughter, constantly menacing with shooting the brains off of whoever ever thinks about damaging her or hurting in some way, shape or form.