Funny / Tyler Sederwall
aka: Attacking Tucans

  • Tyler makes a stripclub in Minecraft.
    Josh: God dammit, Tyler.
    • Tyler then says the club is dedicated to Lucahjin, who also left a comment.
    Lucahjin: HAHAHHAHAHAA..... I want to visit my dedicated strip club... HOW DO I PLAY MINECRAFTS?
  • Tyler celebrates 10,000 subscribers by having his friends cover him in Vagisil.
  • In his Pikmin LP:
    • The voice he does for Olimar (with electronic help) and in particular the segments he does at the start of each episode with Olimar in orbit talking about his plans, only to be interrupted by the Pikmin in their Onions having wacky hijinx.
    • Tyler gives every Pikmin he plucks a unique name. In episode 2 he mentions that Fan Dumb wanted him to name a red Pikmin Steve, so he did—and then immediately threw him in a pond and drowned him.
    • The Let's Play Curse bites him hard in this LP. Hilarity Ensues.
    • In episode 5, a bit of Take That, Audience! when Tyler asks for suggestions for new Pikmin names:
    Tyler: I don't want to name them after, like, Youtube usernames, because I don't want to be naming the Pikmin, like, "ilovezelda69" or like "linkfuckingmeuptheass200" or something...I know some of you guys have weird usernames like that. Don't lie to me.
    • He keeps trying and failing to come up with a sexual Parody Name for the Forest Navel region. By the time he leaves in episode 7 he mixes several failed attempts together to make "the fucking ninja's furry nipple".
  • Tyler's Pax Prime 2012 vlog has him meeting several other LP'ers for the first time, and all of them greet him with "My God, why are you so tall?!"
  • Tyler ruins Bop It. How? Abusing the Shout It option.
  • Tyler completes some Pictograph quests in The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker Part 17. His reward? A Joy Pendant. He doesn't take it well.
  • I'm an Owl...
  • From Little King's Story:
    • Tyler interprets the fictional currency symbol as looking like an octopus, and decides to refer to the in-game currency as "octopuses".
    • His obsession with saying Anything Minister Liam looks like a potato.
    • Tyler mentions that his favourite book as a kid was Holes. Cue commenters taking it as a Double Entendre and saying This Explains So Much.
  • In part 5, one of Tyler's subjects praises his kingdom and says she would give it "69 out of a hundred".
    Tyler: Of course! Only in my kingdom...
  • Part 1 of Tyler's Super Mario 64 mod co-op series with Super Jeenius has the latter guess as to why he was invited to play the game with Tyler.
    Jake imitating Tyler: "Hmm. Who still wants to be on my channel, who haven't I scared away? Ah! Super Jeenius!"
  • Part 3 of the same mod features the Cool, Cool Slide becoming That One Level for Tyler and Jake, leading to some input from the romhack creator in the comments:
    SKELUX CORE: "No, It's never enough."
  • Part 10 features the two trying to get the 8 Red Coins in Hazy Maze Cave, which becomes even more difficult due to the various issues with the romhack. The game locks up the moment they get the 8th Red Coin, at which point Jake screams in anguish as the episode ends.
  • In early 2016, Tyler decided to drop the name "Attacking Tucans" in favor of his full real name, in order to adjust the focus of his channel. A year later, he changed it back for various reasons. Josh has this to say in the comments section:
    Josh: Wow. Make up your mind already. Jesus fucking christ.

Alternative Title(s): Attacking Tucans