Funny / 12 Beast

  • Eita inadvertently discovers how sensitive Harpy wings are to touch, while trying to figure out how "fake" Aero's "cosplay" is.
  • How Eita defeats War Leader Jawea. Her breakdown just sells it.
  • After Aero accidentally blows out their torch, Jawea clings desperately to Eita. Her reaction when the light comes back on is priceless.
  • Harpies really like shiny things. Jawea more so than others, to the point where she will lovingly caress it, and throw out an extremely poor excuse to go back to the obscenely dangerous labyrinth just to get more.
  • How Eita supplies magic power to the Masquerade Metal Gauntlet. Asterio explains it's by focusing on something that gets him excited, namely: the Minotaurus's bouncing breasts.
  • Asterio supplies the group with milk, freshly squeezed. The trio look at it with disturbed faces. Cut to a stable full of regular cows.