Funny / Touhoumon Nuzlocke Challenge

  • Hatate's encounter with Laughter:
    :Hatate: Say Cheese!
    Laughter: AAAAAA! Who are you!?
    -Hatate is hit by Poison Sting-
  • "These are not the droids you're looking for!"
  • Mt. Moon. Named in honor of Keith Moon.
  • Black Comedy aside, but when Amber catches Bucket Girl. Bitch comments on "how long this one will last" for Amber to reply that this isn't going to happen again. Cue random lightning bolt coming from offscreen and zapping inside the bucket, killing Bucket Girl.
    Bitch: Hey, look at that. You were wrong. Again.
    Amber: *Beat* Go to hell! *throws the bucket at Bitch*
  • The debut Other!Amber's Patchouli.
    Other!Amber: Time to unleash my secret weapon! Patchouli!
    Patchouli: zzzz
    Other!Amber: ... Screw this I'm outta here!
    • And her second scene...
    '''Other!Amber: But wait I still have Patchouli!
    Patchouli: Uhh... What's going on?
    -hit by Nyah's Mud Shot-
    Patchouli: Oh, thanks I needed this for my beauty sleep.
  • Amber meeting ZUN.
  • "Oh yeah there's a puzzle." "BULLSHIT!
  • The end of the fight with Bruno. The music swells as Mokou gets a badass intro surrounded by flames for her very first appearance in the game. Marcia waves to her, and Mokou promptly acquires a table so she can flip it over.
  • During the fight with Agatha, Jackie freezes mid-attack for several seconds while Agatha slowly waddles over and applies a healing item to her Touhou, then finishes the attack and kills it with a critical hit anyways.