Funny / Touhou Labyrinth

In general, the Labyrinth of Touhou games do not take themselves very seriously.

Labyrinth of Touhou 1

  • On the 2nd floor, there's a Broken Bridge that you can't cross until Cirno joins the party. If you try to cross the bridge before recruiting her, the characters will remark that they can't move on. Except Marisa, who reminds the group that they can all fly. She gets completely ignored.
  • On the 7th floor the party meet up with Sanae in front of the staircase leading up. Reimu, already having been attacked by Youmu and Alice in front of staircases due to them thinking that Reimu caused the incident, asked if Sanae believes the same. Sanae casually remarks that only a senile person would think that someone as lazy as Reimu would do this. Youmu and Alice are visibly shocked by this off-hand comment.
  • On 23F, you start outside the hallways of the floor. The characters think they've discovered a bug in the game.
  • Kaguya's (failed) attempt to join the party after the 12F boss fight.
  • The event before the battle with Mokou, in which she and Kaguya are fighting... over an orange.
  • When Yukari joins the party and asks about why they seem to be forgiving her actions, Reimu and Marisa reply that they're going to use her as a shield.
  • The fact evasion doesn't work. Why is it funny? Because since evasion doesn't work, this is a Touhou (fan)game without any dodging'

Labyrinth of Touhou 2

  • At one point, Hina threatens to spread misfortune to Marisa. By lying in bed with her every night.
  • On the fifth floor, you find Mokou and Kaguya arguing over who reached the 5th floor first, and it's up to the player to make a decision, with whoever you pick being who you recruit at that point and the other character leaving. If you pick Mokou, she quickly admits that the race was actually a draw and the entire argument was For the Lulz.